Super A-vs-140

Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:58 am

Found and bought a Super A with Woods L59 mower. With a few ignition parts and a new carb, got "Mabel", the A, running..named after my 95 year old aunt..runs strong and works hard, but not too pretty. Runs pretty good. The rear end or transmission, not sure which has a bad whine in it.
Found a 140 parts tractor a few miles up the road with a good rear end and transmission in it.
:?: Will the 140 back end bolt up & work on the Super A?
(Have the Super A parts book, but can't find anyone close with a 140 parts book.)
I'll post some pictures of the A later this week. Of the six or seven old tractors I've restored, this one looks to be the most challenging.

bald, Southeast Georgia

Thu Nov 24, 2005 8:25 am

Bald, I just have started looking on this side of the Cub Board which is why I'm just now responding and this might be a little late for you. From my limited knowledge of Super A's and 140's they appear to be the same. From the 140's I've seen the only differences are the sheetmetal and the charging systems. I missed a 140 about a year ago which is OK. He said he sold it but I felt that he wanted way too much for it.

140 vs Super A

Fri Nov 25, 2005 12:41 pm

GAGoober, As near as I can tell from the info received on this forum and in looking at the 140 & the A, they are the same. Some of the fellows convinced me that I should actually do some checking on the A before doing a wholesale swap. Seemed like pretty good advice and as soon as things slow down a bit, intend to take the A apart & have a look.
We have a fellow in St. Marys with a 140 for sale. It has a disk with it and he's painted it up nicely...but he's demanding $6,000 for it. :shock: Been for sale for 6-8 months and it's still sitting there.
I'm down in Camden County; as far southeast as you can get and still be in GA. I found a couple of old 140's in area; one looks like parts only and the other might be restorable, but have not pursued them yet.
When I get into the Super A, will post some pictures showing what is found.
Thanks, bald

Sat Nov 26, 2005 7:40 am

The old IH dealer(now Kobota) has a 140 with several pieces of equipment for $5995. He used it as a demonstrator and to plow his own garden from the day it was new. Low hours.
Power's Tractor & Equip. Co. Vinton Va. 540-890-4055
Ask for J. Henry Powers.