How To Keep Track of Elusive Drain Plugs

Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:06 pm

Keeping Track of Plugs :!:

Grunt's funny post about his 3 hour transmission lube change got me thinking. One of his problems was getting a tranny plug mixed up with a steering plug.

I sometimes use little magnets to keep track of where things go. You can stick the drain plug right next to where you took it off. This avoids my bumping the tractor and having it fall on the floor and rolling into the black hole, where my lost socks, money, car keys and common sense sometimes go.

You can buy them lots of places and they're only about a dime apiece. I like the way they stick together so I don't have to dig around the junk drawer.
Just stick them to a piece of metal and they're there when you need them.

In the picture I'm using a magnet from an old computer hard drive. I like them because they're super strong and free. :)