Allen head cap bolts

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Allen head cap bolts

Postby BigBill » Wed Jan 17, 2007 10:33 am

I noticed that allen heads were mentioned in another post. Working and restoring motorcyles for the past 10+ years I ran into many stripped allen socket cap screws. I take a flat nosed punch and pein the socket opening in to close it up. Then i take the allen wrench and drive it into the screw to make a new hex. It comes out tight so you can remove the screw or pipe plug. I did this in hard to reach screws too with a longer punch and i used an allen hex socket with an extention to extract the screw. This has saved my butt and the motorcyle many times. This happens a lot on dirtbikes when they hit rocks. Its a great trick to know.
I'm technically misunderstood at times i guess its been this way my whole life so why should it change now.

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