Sickle service tool

Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:08 pm

I've have used a sickle service tool for many years until we went to a discbine. When we serviced a cutting section, we needed to be very careful not to loose a finger using this tool. It's not so much the tool, but the cutting section getting away from you while working on it. First off, ALWAYS wear leather gloves. If you can mount the sickle service tool on a bench where you have enough length on each side for you cutting section top rest, do so. Both ends always need to be supported. This will take up alot bench space. Working on the floor with this will kill your back after a while. What we did was mount the service tool on one end of a sawhorse style support wide enough to mount the tool with room on the oppisite end to sit and operate the tool. We then made two smaller independent supports to hold up each end of the sickle cutting section at the proper height with u shaped brackets to keep the cutting section on the supports.

I reccomend you shear off all the bad kives from end the end first. Then put the cutting section in the forward area of the tool and working from one end to the other, punch out the old remaining rivets and set the new knike and rivets in place. It goes rather quickly and does a great job. This is such a far cry from and air chisel never mind using the C-clamp style unit. If I had pictures, I post them however we sold our tool many years ago. Feel free to contact me on any other questions on this unit.