Kodiak's Cub Splitting Stand

Tue Jul 03, 2007 8:54 pm

Well I finally had a few minutes to go to the shop and I built myself a splitting stand. I ran across a side crank Fulton jack at Northern Tool a few weeks ago it was on sale $29 so I got it.


I used a 1/2" plate 4" wide, 18" long. I drilled the needed holes. Counter sunk the mounting holes in order to use implement mounting bolts. and bolted it all together. The jack is rated at 1000 lbs and I was able to crank up the front end of the cub with no problem.


NOTE.... I locked the swivel feature by inserting a bolt through an additional hole on the opposite side from the spring pin. You don't need to be swiveling this thing with a cub on it :shock:


The hard wheel rolls well on my concrete shop floor.
I may make another for the other side, It would make it super stable then!

Ron W.