Lost cover, made replacement

Mon May 27, 2013 9:55 pm

100_3941 - Version 2.JPG
100_3970 - Version 2.JPG
100_3628 - Version 2.JPG
Working on repairing our Farmall Cub, c 1957? Ordered a replacement part for Final Drive on the left :?: (according to what I read in one of the online manuals, this is determined from sitting in the seat facing forward) side, the dust cap, push-in type that goes over the castellated nut. The wrong part arrived. My men got frustrated, but my husband and our boy measured carefully, then went to their corners to consider. After searching scrap buckets, trash cans, wherever they could think of, my hubby decided to measure all the food cans in my kitchen. Happily, Campbell's Tomato Soup 10 3/4 oz. can seemed just right. The newer type, no seam on the side or the bottom. (We haven't eaten the soup yet, it's in a container in the fridge. :lol: ) I washed out the can, we brought it back to our boy's yard and they cut it, checked it out, it fit, now, it's painted. :{_}: Well, they are out of order, but check out our dust cover! Hopefully, it will last awhile. I'll update you all if it works or not.
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