How To Properly Remove a Crank Pulley - Method #2

Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:17 pm

There are at least 2 ways to do it. One involves buying special tools and using a jack. I have the tools and jack and it works.

However it is not the most common. Most mechanics have the following tools and can help with the pulley removal.


The common tools are a large bearing separator, a 2 jaw puller, and a special bolt.
The bolt is 1/2" x 1 inches. Round the corners off with a grinder. Use a drill to make a small dimple in the head. This dimple will act as a center for the puller. The bolt as a whole will keep the puller from entering the threaded area of the front crank. This is important.


Install the bearing separator behind the crank pulley flange and tighten it up securly. Don't want it to slide forward and break the lips on the pulley.


Install the special bolt into the hole on the pulley, install the 2 jaw puller and hand tighten the thrust screw on the puller engaging both the special bolt and the bearing separator.

Use appropriate size wrench and start pulling the crank pulley off. Once everythings get tight, one may have to apply a little heat to the pulley.

Once it starts moving, keep a steady strain on it untill it pops off.

Its really not hard, the hard part is getting started.

Good luck and keep working on those Cubs.