Crankshaft Pulley Installation

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Crankshaft Pulley Installation

Postby RaymondDurban » Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:25 pm

I may catch some slack for saying this, but I've never had to heat a front pulley to get it off or heat one up to put it back on the crankshaft. I've removed and reinstalled crankshaft pulleys for at least two dozen Cubs, and I know thats probably less than some others here, so maybe I've just had beginners luck.

They will most often "pop" quite loud when it first gives, and make you think you broke something, but after that it'll come right off. To reinstall, I apply some anti-sieze on the crankshaft, install the threaded rod also with some anti-sieze on the threads, and use a couple washers with grease between them to act as a thrust bearing in between the plate and the nut. I always use a standard box end wrench with another of similar size hooked to it to act as a cheater to pull the pulley back on the crankshaft. Takes a bit of time going round and round to pull it on, but never had an issue and certainly a lot quieter than an impact.
I also worry about stripping the threads on the rod. I have noticed it warming up, but never too hot to grab ahold of and never ruined any threads.

Here is a pic of one going back on from a DSCF a few years ago. You can see the washers between the plate and nut, and the anti-sieze on the threaded rod. I think I removed and reinstalled 5 during the two days of that fest this same way.

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