Cutout and Regulator tests and adjustments

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Cutout and Regulator tests and adjustments

Postby birddog » Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:06 pm

What I show here as to the adjustments of a Cutout or Regulator is what I have had success with in the past. The experts will tell you that only those with the training and equipment should attempt to adjust them. Also it is the opinion of some experts that if there is a malfunction, the unit probably has reached it’s expected life and should be replaced.

This may be true but we all can’t afford to replace parts at will. I have had good luck with cleaning and adjusting them. One thing to remember though, my tractors see only limited use. If you run yours on a regular basis the cleaning and adjustment may not last long.

The Cutout Test and Regulator Test as I show them is a bench type test. It can be done while mounted on your Cub, but all wires should be removed. Remember to insulate them so they don’t short out. After making your adjustments and it seems to be working, at the very least, you should check the voltage at the battery and check the charge rate on the AMP gauge to see if it’s over charging. Also, with every thing off, remember to check to make sure it isn’t discharging.

If the points are burnt they will need to be filed and then cleaned. When adjusting by the tabs keep the points as parallel as possible. I have bent them offset though if they were badly burnt on an edge.

Do not attempt to adjust them while the engine is running or there is battery voltage present.

Edit: Thanks to Bus Driver for pointing out that after the cover has been installed they need to be rechecked. They are heat sensitive.
Edit 2: Thanks to beaconlight for this info. The cover on affects the magnetic field is why it affects when installed.
The first two photos show how to check a Cutout and the cutout relay of a Regulator.

The other photos show some of the possible ways to adjust them (depending how they are built) in an attempt to get them working.

Remember if you see some thing wrong let me know.






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