Late Introduction

Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:43 pm

I recently joined the group and didn't do a formal introduction. I apologize for not doing this sooner but was preoccupied with the other features of the forum and a problem I was having with my cub. So here goes My name is Chris Miller I am from Perry in Western Illinois and I am an Agriculture Instructor/FFA Advisor at Griggsville-Perry High School and Evening Associate Ag Business/Small Engines Instructor at John Wood Community College. I own a 1952 farmall cub that was my grandfathers and I purchased it three years ago when he passed away and its equipment. I have a 193 plow for it that he kept scoured and then oiled/greased it once he cleaned it after each use. He kept it so clean it shines. I have made a effort to do the same after plowing with it. This tractor was the first tractor I learned how to drive and I have always been in love with it since the day I first drove it. I am an avid Farm Antique collector and enthusiast ever since I was in junior high I purchased my first set of antique implement wrenches and have been collecting them ever since. I also own a 1919 McCormick Deering Model M hit and miss gas engine that I helped restore with my dad as an FFA project while in high school along with numerous B & S kick start wash machine motors I have collected and restored over the years. When I first graduated from college I spent six years as a district sales manager for a seed corn company and developed a passion for collecting cloth seed corn sacks/signs especially from Illinois seed companies. When I am not collecting or attending auctions, Flea Markets, and Antique Tractor Shows I enjoy fishing and spending time with my wife. I appreciate all of the efforts of the members of the forum and how helpful and willing to share information. This has to be one of the if not the friendliest site on the internet. Rudi has already sent me a welcome post and I appreciate the information and welcome as I have started to look it over. I look forward to fitting a cubfest in my future and meeting some of you in person.


Re: Late Introduction

Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:52 pm

Welcome to the Forum Chris!! Glad to have you with us!! :D

Re: Late Introduction

Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:27 am

Chris Miller, welcome to the forum from Arkansas. Seems like you should be amongst friends here.

Re: Late Introduction

Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:26 am

Chris, Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the introduction. Its so nice to know a little about the people on the forum. Hope to meet you at one of the Cub Fests.

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Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:32 am


Thanks for the peek into who you are and what you do. Having your Granddad's Cub is pretty heady stuff -- and being able to share some of this passion with him and of course with your Dad makes it even more special. It is cool that you are passing some of this down to you Ag classes and the FFA. Providing evening instruction is pretty high in my book as well. That is how I got my welding course - evening classes at the local community college. Met a few Cubbers there too :D

I hope a couple of the younguns get hooked on old iron and Cubs in particular.

Re: Late Introduction

Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:48 pm

Hey Cris welcome aboard.