"Mariam" and I in Williamsport, PA

Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:13 am

Hi everyone !

"Mariam" is my 1949 Cub, s/n 90633, and I rescued her from a collapsed barn way back in 1981. It took about two days of chainsaw and sweat equity to get her out and she was pretty sad looking when in the clear ! The hood, fuel tank, steering post and left fender took a beating; flat tires, battery froze and ate some stuff; mice also had a buffet with the seat cover and wiring ! She had been parked in the bottom of the barn years before as the original owner, Mariam, passed away; I named the Cub in her honor. The family lived out of the area and the small farm fell into ruin.

Got her home and the journey began. My Mom once told me that I'd taken my crib apart when only three years old so my "mechanic" gene was already active; basically took the Cub all-apart and started from the ground up. Complete overhaul of the engine; transmission and final drive gone through; new electrical harness front-to-back; found a used-serviceable fuel tank and mated it to my hood after some serious "tin-banging"; carb, magneto, generator and starter overhauled; lots of paint stripping then fresh color... the list goes on and she's was basically a "new" Cub when I finished :-)

Mariam has helped me hold Mother Nature at bay with my 1100' driveway, graded around home, pushed mountains of snow and stone, pulled a float with some neighborhood kids in local parades and given me great joy every time I pull the crank and hear the whine of the Touch-Control system within two pulls for near thirty years. And as I'm sure all the other Cub-lovers here will admit, also been a beautiful sight to gaze upon, just sitting in front of the workshop at the end of a good working day ! I proudly admit to giving her a pat on that round hood when saying goodnight :-) They'll get the "mag switch" to her when they pry it from my cold, dead hands ;-)

During the many trips bringing her home in 1981, her "luggage" consisted of: front and rear wheel weights, drive tire chains, complete combination push/grader blade with the snow extension, complete front/rear cultivator set-up, complete two-way plow rig, belt pulley with 9" drum, complete sickle-bar tool, complete swinging draw-bar. Took a while to figure out how all those tools went together without manuals, let me tell you ! Full set of lights and I just love that rear combination light with the little red jewel inside !

Although a reluctant computer person, it has been a useful tool especially since it enabled me to find Farmall Cub . com; already had some of my lingering questions answered !

That's "our" story and I see that "Barnyard" has a step that I need and a couple of those shoes for the blade... money is just another tool and Mariam is certainly worth every penny !!!

My name is Don and I'm a Cub-Lover :-)

Re: "Mariam" and I in Williamsport, PA

Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:41 am

Don, welcome to the forum. That's great that you saved Mariam from the doom of a collapsing barn. I enjoyed your story. Cubs sure do provide us with good times.

Re: "Mariam" and I in Williamsport, PA

Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:27 am

Don, Welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you're enjoying your Cub as much as the rest of us do ours. Maybe it's time for number two. :D


Re: "Mariam" and I in Williamsport, PA

Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:21 am

We need some pictures. :D

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Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:33 am

Don...Welcome to the best place for all things Cub. :D
Glad to have a another Pennsylvanian onboard. :{_}:
I'm just south of you in Schuylkill County.
I'll repeat what the others have said "we love photos" !!

Re: "Mariam" and I in Williamsport, PA

Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:08 am

Well, THANK YOU all for the warm welcome !

We finished-up grading the driveway yesterday and I remembered that everyone likes pictures; Mariam is a bit dirty from pushing the 2B stone back up the drive and re-shaping the diversion ditches, in anticipation of the coming thunderstorms pushing it back DOWN the drive... rudimentary re-cycling :?

I pulled into the field near the house and took a picture, guess you could say, "She is out-standing in her field !" :lol: As soon as I figure out how to downsize the 489kb picture to 256kb, I'll post it to the Cub Photo area.

This morning, I thoroughly enjoyed reading posts from the "maintenance" section and am prepared to lose some "religion" as I will attempt to pull the inner axle tubes this winter... THAT will surely warm up the shop from what I've read :wink:

A perfectly great morning reading posts here while it is raining outside :D

Meriam and me, don.

Re: "Mariam" and I in Williamsport, PA

Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:09 am

Ole90633 wrote:As soon as I figure out how to downsize the 489kb picture to 256kb, I'll post it to the Cub Photo area.
Don...one of the simplest ways to re-size a pic is:
open it with "paint" [most computers have this program already in them]....
then click the re-size button...
re-size the pixels down to 640 x 480...
save the pic with a different file name...
and check the file size at the bottom of the paint page.
Hope this helps.