Using Bob McCarty's Carb Gasket Template

Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:02 am

The following series of photos shows the steps for using Bob McCarty's Carburetor Template to make new body gaskets for your carburetor. You can find the posting for them at:

1. Outline the template onto 1/16th" gasket material with pen or fine felt tip:

2. Punch holes -
1/8" for idle tube and crescent ends
3/16" for bolt holes and float corners
5/16" for curve at edge of float hole
1 1/16" for venturi hole (or cut with knife)

3. Cut crescent using template and cut float bowl sides with template or straightedge using the knife knife (utility or X-acto):

4. Cut outside with knife and template or scissors. (NOTE: cut away drawn pen lines or gasket will be wider than wanted):

5. Tools used:

MANY THANKS to Bob for all his hard work!!
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