How To Make a Simple Platform to Straighten Warped Carb Tops

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How To Make a Simple Platform to Straighten Warped Carb Tops

Postby Dan England » Wed Sep 26, 2007 4:58 pm

    How To Make a Simple Platform to Straighten Warped Carb Tops

    In the How To Straighten IH Updraft Carburetor Tops article, a machined platform was used as the work table for the process. A simple but effective platform can be made with a few tools that are present in most workshops. This is how I made one.

    I retrieved from my trash pile an aluminum plate that was 4” X 4” by 3/8” in thickness. Using a small drill press I made a series of closely spaced holes forming a circle with a diameter of 2.5” then used side cutters to snip the metal bridge between each pair of holes so that the center section of metal was released. A Dremel tool was used to quickly smooth the sides to form a circle just large enough to accept the throttle body extension. By the same process, an oval opening 1/2” wide by 2 ½” long was made to receive the float assembly arms. The width of the platform prevented the use of the 2" “C” clamps, so a hacksaw was used to trim enough metal from each side to reduce the width so that small clamps are suitable for clamping the top to the platform. That’s it, its not neat, not pretty and not symmetrical but it works.

    Work Platform

    Work Platform With Mounted IH Carb Top

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