cub transmission

Thu Oct 10, 2013 8:35 pm

Yall were right. The 140W oil in the transmission doesnt change anything. It is still noisy. Its going to have to come apart at some point. First really whines, and reverse has some bad resonating that goes through the tractor. Not good. 2nd and 3rd are nice and quiet and smooth. I can tell that 1st and reverse are much better by reducing the load with the clutch so it is probably a gear lash problem. I hope the sliding gear is all that is damaged. Any pointers on splitting the tractor? I should go into the final drives while Im at it also. The right side is wanting to drip even without the transmission overfilled.

Got the blades sharpened on the Woods mower today. It is not a light duty deck like the Cub Cadet

were any of you up at the Temple tractor show last weekend?

Re: cub transmission

Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:03 am

Pointers on splitting the tractor - look up "wedging the front end". Wedges are used to keep offset engine from tipping the tractor, or front half, over. If you are doing tranny and final drives, you will likely split at front of transmission, rather than front of bell housing (torque tube). Unless you also need to get to clutch...

Re: cub transmission

Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:31 am

The Factory service manuals are excellent. You can download my scan of the complete service manual here (about 20 megs):*%20Lo-Boy%202-76%20OCR.pdf

I bookmarked the manual for easy navigation between sections. I find it helpful to print a page or two for the shop and you don't need to worry about greasy fingerprints on the computer or even an original book if you come by one. Between that manual and the TC-37 F parts book, you should be able to find all the information to get you started.