Snowplow Volume 3 The end

Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:05 am

Wanted it done before Cecil's in case I had any unforseen issue's that could be remedied ....Turned out its went smooth...Thanks to JP Salvage...I ended up getting most of the linkage parts there...I just had to make the brace for the transmission mount and the blocks beneath the radiator as the ones I ordered haven't shown up yet...(different vendor)....I added another hole in the top plow spring mount.. ( I'll probably put the yoke back in now as I have plenty 12" of clearance to the ground)...I made a confibius for the back out of stuff I had laying around for a hazard light and triangle holder (cut down, so it didn't look hideous, all I had to buy was the flasher...Reconfigured the light switch so I have off, headlights, headlights and rear lights with flashing red light..Now I gotta pull off the exhaust manifold so Ed can thread it at Cecils...Leaving in the Morning :{_}: Thanks for all those who told me the missing parts and supplied me with pictures and of course to Rudi for his manuel labor :lol: Dave
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