Weekend Auction

Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:12 am

Local auction yesterday; sale bill listed a couple tractors, tools, etc. (guy auction). The gentleman who passed was a machinest and had the tools for it. At 87, fell and broke his hip over the winter and while in recovery at a nursing home, caught the flu, then that progressed and worsened. Never recovered; survived by his wife. Family was selling all of his belongings. Could see some heartache on their faces.

What surprised me was what was not listed. A Cub 154 Lowboy with IH snowblower and push blade AND a 1952 Farmall Cub with rear rockshaft and 54A blade. For the family's sake, it was good to see both sell in their appropriate price range; Lowboy went for $1400+/- and the Cub for $1500. Both ran and were started prior to selling. There was also a John Deere 1020 with front end loader, an Allis Chalmers crawler and a completely restored John Deere B (went for $2400). This was the same auctioneer who didn't or couldn't start many tractors a couple weeks ago at another auction, but yesterday started each one, which helped the selling price considerably.

PO's family was present and brought deep pockets, which was good. Some young guy and a woman (family) got into a bidding war on a rusty corn sheller. It went from $20 to $130 in less than 8 seconds. I enjoyed seeing her get it and the sheller staying in the family.

I bought a drill press vice ($5) and a Craftsman 8" bench grinder, 1/2 HP with deflection guards and adjustable light (all working no less, $25). Great afternoon; 78 degrees F, mild breeze, and low humidity.

Re: Weekend Auction

Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:34 am

some of those estate sales can be interesting. I was at one a few months ago that had a couple items I was interested in, but so were two family members. Needless to say, did not get them.

Re: Weekend Auction

Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:35 am

If you're going to auction off your tractors or old farm equipment it will pay you to hire an auctioneer who KNOWS about such equipment and can talk about it as it's being started and auctioned off. They also have the knowledge to advertise the listings correctly :wink: ...'Country'

Re: Weekend Auction

Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:23 pm

It mostly depends on the crowd as to what they are willing to pay!--Auction co. can only do so much,--no matter how good they are!!!---I buy mostly from well know companies around here and they all know about what my top end id going to be, so things get interesting diring the sales!! LOL thanks; sonny