worked the cub hard today

Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:33 pm

i mowed about an acre lot. it was a nasty overgrown mess. 2-3 foot overgrown weeds. the property belongs to a friend of mine that inhereted it from another close friend that had no next of kin. anyways i was really pleased with the way my tractor handled that mess with a 60" mower. seems like there is allot of talk here about the C60 not having enough power to effectively handle a 60" deck when mowing in real bad conditions. sometimes i found myself taking half passes where the stuff was really thick and overgrown but it still handled it fairly well. now if i was mowing that stuff while going up hill it might have been a different story. i do realize why IH did add more power to the cubs later in production. while it will most anything on level ground when the conditions are really bad you have to take your time. when it was over, the acre+ field was turned into a lawn in about an hour, and when you consider what a pain that would have been with any other machine except for a larger farm tractor or perhaps a $20,000 kubota tractor, you really cant complain. i also think the belly mower concept is superior to the pull behind mowers in several ways. you arent driving over the grass before its mowed and you can see both ends of the mower from the seat without looking behind. the old cub is great little workhorse and i hope to have her for a very, very long time. when the day does eventually come for a rebuild i think i would try to get a few extra ponies out of it, maybe go with a zenith caburator and the better pistons.

my cub also plays well with other IH tractors, lol. my friend has a IH/farmall 766 with a bucket. he was using his tractor to clean up some debris while i tackled the mowing with the cub. i got a chance to run the 766 and my friend got on my cub. the 766 wow what a powerhouse, but way to big of a tractor to be mowing with. he doesn't own a cub but he loves cubs and was partially the reason why i bought the cub, he told me how great the perfom mowing. i thought the cub would have been too large to mow a mid sized lawn (2 acres). i think that for a 2 acre lawn that doesnt have an exessive amount of trees and tight quarters they simple cannot be beat, they are among the best. i think the only other tractor i would ever consider would be a super-A, but i think the cub might be more manageable mowing a residental lawn.

one thing is without a doubt.... IH really knew how to build a great tractor from the sub-compact sized cub all the way up to the big farm tractors... they are among the best tractor anyone has ever produced.

i always wondered why case/IH never built a modernized cub in the farmall line that they now produce.... eh they would probably ruin it anyways.

Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:15 am

On the occasion when I have to mow in high weeds etc , I some times raise the mower to a higher position and run thru it a couple of inches or whatever higher than normal, then make another pass with the mower lowered....I have two mowers on two different cubs....A 59 inch Danco and a 42 inch IH....I like them both and have no power issues although I do mow on "flat" acreage...Agreed, the cub is a great machine....I bought my wife a Craftsman 26 HP lawn tractor(hydro-static) for her buzzing around and there's no comparison...The cub is more comfortable, uses less gas, is far more versatile and I don't feel like the old Monkey and the football when I'm working the cub...( 6 foot 4 ).....Have a great day....Dave

Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:22 am

both of y'all hit the nail on the head . i mow 1 1/2 acre at the house , and another 1 1/2 at the shop with my loboy ( sorry boss , i have one and love it :lol: ) . the properties are flat with random trees and landscaping , but the cub just knocks it out . it took about an hour + to cut with my craftsman 20 hp , the cub takes 20/25 minutes (60" deck) . my neighbor has a zero turn , i want to test the time with it and see how the cub fairs.

Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:15 am

Case IH small compact tractors are called Farmalls.


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Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:00 am

I LOVE my Woods 59 (thanks Bill Hudson). I cut my 0.5 acre lawn with my cub and mower, and the result looks like a golf course! (sharp blades help!) I have learned my yard, though, and I know where the mower will bottom out when I mow and have to adjust the height a bit here and there. I can't wait until I move up to Hengelsberg Hill and get to mow the field with Merlin... more fun times!!


Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:19 am

You can use a calculator to compare mowers.
A 184 mowing in second gear (3.8MPH) with a 60" deck can mow about 2.07 acres per hour if mowing wide open space with a 10% overlap.

Your results will vary due to obstructions and familiarity with the equipment.

Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:27 am

i have a neighbor that likes to "butt-heads" with me. he told me how long he has had his POS a stamped piece of garbage newer MTD cub cadet, probably 5 years old. i told him he is lucky if that thing lasts him 3-400 hours. he told me he think i used a "ridiculous tractor" and that he would never use a farm tractor to mow his lawn. what he fails to realize is that one of the best uses for a cub is mowing. they have seen service mowing on farms, by highway departments, and even in parks and golf courses. they are superior to every other lawnmower/lawn tractor except for maybe the really high end commerical stuff that costs ALLOT more then any cub. you could run a cub for a lifetime and never come close to the cost of one of those high end units (ferris, kubota). someone tells me they would rather mow with one of these plastic mowers i just laugh. once you go to a real farm tractor with a belly mower you will never go back to lawn and garden tractors. i had 'em myself, i had a john deere 112 and still have a cub cadet 147. you guys are right cubs have more power, are more vertisle, burn less fuel and are more comfortable. i never thought it was possible that a 4 cylinder engine would burn less gas then the single cylinder kohler k series that i was used to.... somehow they do, i am not sure myself why that is but a cub is far more economical on gas then a single lung engine.

is it that a cub engine spins at 1,600-1,800 rpm at full throttle and that single cylinder engine runs at 3,600. IH knew exactly what they were doing when they designed and built the C60. make a small 4 cylinder engine that wont run hot, wont burn allot of gas, and has great lugging ability. they did this with a very simple flathead design and technology that is almost 60 years old. WOW. all of this new tech you can have it, i dont want or need it. the only thing that beats it is a desiel and they are allot of money.

Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:32 am

Interesting calculator. Shows I can mow 1.53 acres an hour with my L-111. Be nice when I get my C-2 finished. :)

Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:40 am

then my neighbor give me a laugh when i tells me that his friend that keeps buying MTD white and keeps replacing them. he tries to tell that his MTD cub cadet is somehow better then MTD white. they are the SAME poorly made machine. stampted steel and plastic junk made by the same exact company using many of the same cheap parts. mostly difference in paint color. my neighbor does not have a slightly older 3000 series cub cadet either, he just has an $1,800 lawn yes the white and his machine are almost exactly the same

Re: worked the cub hard today

Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:05 pm

It's nice to see all the glowing "reviews" on these great ol' Cubs. I've been touting them since I bought mine about 7 or 8 years ago (I wanted one since I was a kid). As I have said before on this forum, they are almost eloquent in their simplicity and great design. From plowing a field to mowing the lawn and all in between, they are excellent at what they are designed to do. A friend of mine has a Kubota B7200, (hydrostatic,17 hp diesel, 4wd, locking differential, 60" deck, 3 point, 540 pto, and of course hydraulics) it works great and built like a tank, but he never really liked it. He found a 184 Low Boy with a Woods 59 deck and a 3 point. He had to have it. He has seen me mow and do so much with mine (49 F Cub) I think he subliminally felt he had to have one. They are, as mentioned before, easy on gas, and even for the prices they bring today are still a bargain compared to anything new. If you're handy at all they will continue to work and put a smile on our face for many more years to come.