cole planters and other planters for cub

Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:03 pm

I have ran across cole planters advertised as fitting a farmall cub. My cub is not fast hitch but has touch control with hydraulic rock shaft. I found a planet Jr. recently and was wondering about using it to plant sweet corn with some bracket fabrication. I have been told it will work others say i will be disappointed in performance on sweet corn. I saw some photos of cole planters mounted under the belly of cub and rear mounted ones as well. Are they considered pull type or can they be raised with the rock shaft up and down? I saw some pictures of mccormick deering two row plate planters on steel behind a cub. Are there any particular models of cole single row, mccormick deering or IH two row plate planters I should be looking for to fit my needs? You have to realize my experience planting corn is with a John Deere 4230 and 7000 finger pick up planter.

Chris :help:

Re: cole planters and other planters for cub

Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:55 pm

If you have had to work with a 7000, bless you!! (I drug one across our farm for years from the time I was in middle school until I was 30 and it is a planting machine for sure but absolute misery to work on!)

Cole planters are popular but I personally do not like them. They are only slightly less crude than the standard Cub belly-mounted planter but lack the "coolness factor" of the Cub unit.

Personally I would look for an IH 185, or if you don't mind JD, a JD 71. They both look very similar to each other, have disk openers, and can run all kinds of plates which are still easy to find. I have two 185's, one in pieces and one needing a little work, and I intend to use them for sweet corn and so forth behind my Cub or Super A. Even without fast hitch, it is a simple process to adapt some brackets to the rear cultivator arms to raise and lower the planter. The JD 71 will probably be a little easier to find than the 185.