Re: 2 New to me cubs

Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:57 pm

i'm still confused by this magneto rotor, when the #1 cyl hits TDC the magneto snaps and i find the rotor at about 2:00 or closer to 3:00. so i took out the 2 screws and moved the little rotor back to 12:00 after the snap and 10 or 11 right before the snap. and the cub started right up and ran like the wind. i drove it around a bit and put a timeing light on it and the thing seems to be fireing about 1" before the TDC mark on the flywheel.
then i started working on the 59, the yellow and white one. it has the dist. not the mag type ignition. i rolled it to TDC #1 and pulled the dist apart and find the rotor pointing to the 2:00 position. now why wouldn't it be lined up to 12:00? I am assumeing it ran before it was left for dead. and this seal looks bad too because oil came poruing out of it when i took the dist off, or is it supposed to have engine oil in that gear reduction unit?