Re: Stuck and Troubled

Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:59 am

Yogie wrote:Eugene, I've pretty much given up on Spring food plots this year, the rain seems to never end.
2011. Original post goes back to 2011. Fenced in the food plot to keep cattle out. Limed, fertilized. Sowed to sun flowers. Excellent stand. Turkeys and birds loved the sun flowers.

2012, sowed red and white clover and sun flowers. Drought, weeds didn't even grow.

2013, sowed again to clover. Nothing. Weeds grew fine. Deer would hide in the weeds.

2014. Plan is to herbicide, burn down, disk up, sow turnips, field radish, sun flowers in strips. If this doesn't work, will take down fence. Let native and pasture grasses return.