Sun Sep 26, 2004 9:23 pm

Russ, I think the pictures have changed since tractor Bill asked his question. the original 3rd picture was a cub with a blue rear scoop on it, made similiar to yours. I can't find that picture now, and when i tried to find the tractor Saturday to get some pictures, it was already gone.

Mon Sep 27, 2004 4:00 pm

rleggitt wrote:Hi Tractor Bill,

Will attempt to answer your question about what the blue thing is under
#3. Well that is our tractor and that is a "stalk cutter or chopper" that I
picked up from Mr. Dan England in Ar. a few weeks back.

It was manufactured by the John Blue Co. in Huntsville, Ala. I can
remember as a small child a neighbor of ours had one [may hve been
a different brand] on his cub that he cut his cotton and corn stalks with
after harvesting.

Thanks for the interest.

Thanks for the info. Guess I won't be needing one of those anytime soon.

Tue Sep 28, 2004 12:32 pm

Hey Donny,

Sorry you could not make it to the show. Several of us were looking for you Friday morning. Hope to see you there next year. 8) I hope to see more forum members there next year as well. I am sure we will have a central meeting place to gather as we did this year. 8)

Bigdog had a great idea that never transpired....a group photo. We will definitely have to do that next year. :wink:

I wish the downloads had been a little quicker. Maybe next year technology will have advanced enough to allow it. :roll:

Tue Sep 28, 2004 4:21 pm

Donny, I remebered something on time for the first time in years and then you didn't show up to get the homemade alternate drawbar. That thing was heavy to drag around. ImageImageImageImage

Tue Sep 28, 2004 5:31 pm

I'd also like to suggest that the group have a banquet or at least some type of social activity maybe Friday evening after the show closes.

Tue Sep 28, 2004 5:54 pm

Sounds good to me :!: This is something that us moderators can coordinate for next year. I'll keep it in mind for next year. :wink:

Tue Sep 28, 2004 7:03 pm

Bigdog wrote:I'd also like to suggest that the group have a banquet or at least some type of social activity maybe Friday evening after the show closes.

I really like that idea. I kind of kicked that around with Cub-Bud shortly before the Cubarama, but there was not really enough time to plan anything. Many, like me had to leave early on Saturday and missed the banquet :( A FarmallCub dinner would have made me feel a little bit better about having to leave early.

It was still the best of times!

Tue Sep 28, 2004 7:25 pm

John, (Doing my best Eeyore imitation) I'm very sorry that we didn't make it to relieve you of all that weight. I'm such a bad guy for not showing up. Please feel free to flog me when we meet again. Oh :!: has anyone seen my tail :?: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously John, Sorry :!: :!: :!: :!: 8)

Wed Sep 29, 2004 10:52 am

Sorry we didn't get the group picture too. There was just too much going on all the time and being in one place for very long made me feel like I was missing something somewhere else.

I enjoyed meeting CB, Dennis, Lurker, Russ, Chuck, Darrell Darst, Jim and many more. Bigdog..I never paid you for my cap...please send me a bill.

Its a great idea to have a get together next year. I was glad to make it to JP's dinner Saturday evening. Was that catfish great 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) . Everything was just planned out perfect.

Got to go check out the rest of Dennis' pictures now.

Thanks again to JP.

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Wed Sep 29, 2004 12:44 pm

Hey Mike,

Glad to see you made it safely home with 563. Keep us posted on the progress you make with the repairs. 8)