Stack of Stuff

Wed Sep 22, 2004 10:16 pm

I'll be bringing some "stuff" to cubarama in the event of a swap meet. Items are:
1. Size .040 over pistons. Good shape.
2. PTO Pulley for belly mower. Has bolt broken off, but easily fixable.
3. Grill, small guage expanded metal tacked in place of the wire mesh.
Would make good grill for work tractor.
4. Side shields for cultivator spades. Good candidates for the electro-
5. Rockshaft bar. Fair shape. Bent, but fixable.
6. Front half of swinging drawbar. Part that goes between finals.
7. Breather cap.
8. New head gasket.

These are things that I have more than one or two of. Need to get rid of, to make room for more stuff.