cub met its match???

Tue Aug 31, 2004 9:07 am

We recently had a tornado hit. I have been cutting up trees for over a month now to clean the yard up. I figured out the the cub does a pretty good job yanking limbs, stumps and logs around the yard. Over the weekend I pulled a large cherry and walnut stump. I also drug a cherry log 28" diameter at the base and 8 feet long with it, that was soaking wet from rain. Sunday I tried to pull the last log I had in the yard. It was a cedar log about 10 foot long and right around 32" through. I figured it would be no problem, after all its cedar, couldn't be as heavy as the cherry, i thought. My old lady laughed and said it wouldn't pull it. Well she was right, I got it a few inches and choked out. So I got on the horn and dad came over to pull it with his 140. He drug it through the yard and only had to use his brakes for motivation a couple of times. He got to the side of the barn with it, where I told him to go. He pulled in and realized I had parked a vehicle there that had a blown head gasket to the side where he planned to exit. Fence to the side, barn in front, a tree and broken vehicle to the other side and a log behind. He couldn't push it backwards with the 140. I didn't want to saw it because it was full of barbed wire. So I squeezed the cub in where the 140 wouldn't fit and hooked up one last time. I managed to drag the log about four feet to rescue dad's tractor.

Tue Aug 31, 2004 9:15 am

Sometimes smaller is better.

Tue Aug 31, 2004 5:19 pm


Sorry to hear about the damage from the tornado :( As for pulling logs, Ellie does it on a regular basis and usually has no problems as you know from the cherry and walnut experience. The cedar log has me surprised as well....

What really makes me heart ache though is the thought of those wonderful cherry and walnut logs that will probably go to a mill if they are lucky or to firewood if they are not. I would give my youknowhats to have access to a cherry or walnut log that size. We just don't have access to that as they do not grow well here. Being a cabinetmaker, it almost makes me wanna cry..... :cry:

Hope you get it all cleaned up okay and that you didn't have any serious damage or losses.