1952 Farmall Cub restoration

Tue Aug 31, 2004 8:33 am

I have decided to begin a total restore of my 1952 Farmall Cub tractor. I am interested in finding out the color of paint used on the 1952 Farmall Cub. Was everything painted International Harvester red. My tractor is currently all red with the exception of the front and rear tire rims which are silver. Also the front grill that was on my tractor when I got it is a thick painted white metal frame with wire mesh behind it. Was this the one used on the 1952 Farmall, or is this one from another year? How about original tires? What brand of tires were usually used? Where they Goodyears or Firestones? I would appreciate an help I can get.


Tue Aug 31, 2004 9:05 am

Hi Dennis

I can tell you to read the sticky at the top of the page and the other for old and new members. You can find answer at atis.net faq page. Paul K.in N.H.

Tue Aug 31, 2004 5:12 pm


Hi and welcome to the best forum on the net and to the Cub Family :!: :D

If you read New Members and Visitors, Please READ, it will provide you with tons of information. It really is required reading for all new members.

Also, if you go to the Cub Manual Server, you will also find tons of info on your Cub. If you click on the Paint, Decals & Other Finish Questions, and then the Paint Chart you will find the answers that you need.

Essentially the Cub is 2150 Red, rear rims are Silver and the front rims are also 2150 Red.