'48 Cub Project: A bit more progress

Mon Aug 30, 2004 9:16 am

Well, I'm down to two remaining broken off head bolts in the block, but several will require threaded inserts for repair. Those bolts were almost amalgamated to the block threads. No chance for an easy out to work.

I'm starting to collect parts: got a decent fan assembly as the old one had rusted through pulley lips. Got a good flywheel as the old one had a 4" strip of missing ring gear teeth.

I'm considering replacing the head bolts with studs since they might be stronger. Is this a silly idea? It might be overkill since the little engine uses only 3/8" hardware anyway.

Anyway, I decided to turn my attention to the hydraulic lift system. It too, was stuck. I removed all the linkages and plugs, and then using a little warm oil, finally got the control shaft and the main lift rod and piston to slide out. The block doesn't appear to have had much use. I"ll rig some electrodes to put down in the ports and then let it cook for a day in the e-tank, then power wash and re-oil. I need to find a kit of o-rings/gaskets. Again, I think this tractor might be fairly low time, and once tied up was left out by the ocean to rust.


I need to find a dealer in my area, but if none available, I could mail order parts. Could someone please re-state the name of the parts guy and dealer that will handle phone orders? Or, if you know of an IH dealer near north Florida, that would be appreciated.

Thanks again for your interest.

Mon Aug 30, 2004 10:09 am


It looks like the closest Case/IH dealer to you is about 40 miles away in Brinson, GA. Try the following sites for new and used parts:


Good luck.

Mon Aug 30, 2004 1:42 pm


I understand you are not close to an IH dealer, sooo I think the next best thing is to order on line.

Case Tractor Parts, is a good resource. I think you can also call in orders to their order desk. All that info is on the main page.

Hope this helps some.