Steering rebuild question

Sun Aug 29, 2004 7:57 pm

I dismantled the front axle on my 1957 Cub Lo-Boy to do a rebuild. However, when I started to put the pieces back together, I have 2 extra concave washers that I'm not sure where they go. They're about 3/4"OD with a 5/16" hole in the center. I thought they went into the tie rod ends behind the buttons that hold the steering knuckle ball , but they don't seem to fit. I can't find a good diagram of the tie rod ends or the steering shaft assembly where the tie rods ends come together. Do the tie rod ends only have the concave buttons and the threaded keeper in the assembly? Could these washers be spacers for the 2 piece assembly where the tie rods meet the steering arm?
I want to compliment the organizations sponsoring the Portland Indiana tractor show. It was very enjoyable, but too big for the one day I spent. It's nice to see a show with Vendors who sell tractor parts instead of Beanie Babies. I also met Larry from the ATIS and was very impressed with his Low-boys and his hospitality.

Sun Aug 29, 2004 8:16 pm


The "buttons" belong behind the ball in the tie rod ends. They are a fairly close fit, so they can't be allowed to cock. You'll notice that they have the same curvature as the threaded end... and together they can be adjusted to a good fit on the ball.

Too bad you didn't have more time and come to spend a little time with the rest of us at the camp site. Larry is a very good friend and will be coming to our home show next weekend for a continuation of the festivities at Gibsonburg, OH.

Larry picked up his new Cub in Wisconsin and delivered it to Portland just before the show.

Larry's Cub:


Larry's wife, Barb bought her Cub the week before CubFest 2003. It was among the 12 ATIS tractors displayed as a group.

Here it is at CubFest 2003 at my place: