Joe Vitola

Sat Aug 28, 2004 5:30 pm

:) Joe and his wife came down to the Bluegrass state (Kentucky)
:( And took The Little RED BINDER
:) up north and a little east
:P to a place that could not be any more fitting :P
8) I think They refer to it
:) as THE GARDEN STATE (New Jersey

:D :D Verry Nice People We could have talked and visited a whole lot more'but they did need to get home . I REALLY enjoyed the visit and meeting long distance friends.
Joe Let me know you made it home :)
8) Mrs. Vitola I have to admit you were right about thiose Jersey tomatoes I went home to lunch today and took a salt shaker and a couple of those big red tomatoes all I can say is MMMMMMM Sweet :!:

Little red binders new home

Sat Aug 28, 2004 8:57 pm

:D Ralph Ruth and I made it home in good time and everything is great. :D Ruth is very pleased that you enjoyed the tomatoes, watch out though she may have me delivering them by the basketfull :lol: :lol: . Ralph we can't thank you enough for the great experience in meeting you and purchasing a wonderful tractor. I can honestly say this is a great example of honesty, the tractor is everything you said it is and more, and you made it a pleasant experience. Thank you from both Ruth and Me. There will be pleanty of pictures to come.