What is required to mount - IH mower deck on a 1948 Cub

Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:43 pm

I have an IH mower deck and have not figured out how to mount it on my Farmall Cub (1948).

It has a steel rod in place of what I think could be a chain for the deck.

As a side note: :arrow:

I am new to Farmall Cub tractors;

I do not know where to begin with most if not all my implements.
Just the other day I managed to get the Hy-Tran Hydraulics working (low on oil).

I need to figure out what parts I need and what Tractor parts I actually have.

Most of all I need to find out how each one is used.

Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:46 pm

If you check out Rudi's manual site, you can check the implement manuals and see how the mower is attached.

Check the link:


Rudy's does not have a manual for the IH Mower

Wed Aug 04, 2004 4:19 pm

Rudi's does not have a manual for the IH Mower... unless I missed it somewhere ...?/?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 4:22 pm

Which IH mower do you have? C2 - C3?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 4:31 pm

Go here http://www.cleancomputes.com/Cub/Cub%20 ... index.html and click on C2 (43 inch rotary) C3 (59 inch rotary) or Cub22 (sickle).

IH Deck

Thu Aug 05, 2004 6:23 am


If you want, you can e-mail me and I can send you pictures of my C3 IH deck installation. If you follow the advice of John and Bigdog above, this will get you where you need to be as well.