Magneto timing question

Mon Aug 02, 2004 8:09 am

My 48 cub is becoming hard to start latey, thought I would check the timing, While hand cranking the first mark coming up on the pointer while bringing #1 piston up should that be (before top dead center) & the 2nd mark top dead center althought the manual says the first mark is Top dead center. I thought you would have to go through (before top dead center) to get to top dead center? 2nd. question with the first mark alined with the pointer the inpulse is set.Going slightly past the mark the inpulse trips appears to fire at top dead center is this correct so far? 3rd question when using an timing light would I set it at top dead center which would seem to advanced for easy starting or would I set the timing for before top dead center? Thanks Dave F.

Mon Aug 02, 2004 8:16 am

Apparently your pulley has been changed. On a cub with a magneto there was only one mark, which was top dead center. On a pulley with 2 marks, the second is is top dead center, which is where the magneot impulse should trip. The first mark is 16 dgrees before TDC and is the mark you would use with a timing light when timing a distributor. If you hand crank your cub any, stick with the TDC setting, if you advance it there may be a problem with kickback, and that hurts. :oops: