Hydraulic Rebuild

Sat Jul 31, 2004 9:34 pm

Hi guys,
I am attempting a cleaning/inspect/seal replacement on the touch control of my '67 Loboy. I have the outside all cleaned up, got the head off, the bottom off etc....It looks to me like I will have 13 seal rings to swap out. Problem right now is, I am concerned about breaking the connecting rod in an effort to remove the 3/4" yoke nut which is torqued down to 75lbs. Does anyone have a safe method of getting that nut off?

Also the yoke pin has quite abit of side slop, how much is acceptable?

I am using a good manual that describes the T.C. unit job, but some things it just does not tell you. One I get all my pistons, valves etc.. out I plan to wash the whole block in a good bath of..........varsol?