Thanks Donny...

Thu Jul 29, 2004 8:30 am

I'll take that advice and try it out. I do have a wire brush that is fairly new, so heating and brushing to clean up the area to be resoldered should take care of the problem.

I did take a look at the under side of the hood sheet metal, and other places, plus scraping paint in areas that wouldn't be noticed. There wasn't any white paint anywhere that I could see. Don't know if that means anything at all, but just thought I'd toss it into the mix. I did notice the three ribs on the hood as mentioned in another post. Fun trying to id these things.


Thu Jul 29, 2004 12:41 pm

You're not going to find white paint on the hood. It's newer than most of the rest of the tractor. You've got a '50 cub with a '58 hood. They discontinued the "White Demonstrator" program in the early '50s.

Thu Jul 29, 2004 1:35 pm


We don't know what hood is on Rick's tractor, but it isn't a '58... it may, and should be be the original. Unlike the '58, his has 3 ribs. The demonstrators were only from Jan, 1950 to mid-March 1950, but his serial number is within that range. Here's what a demonstrator looks like after it is pressure washed.


Thu Jul 29, 2004 2:31 pm

I guess I got confused.

Earlier in the thread, it was established that the hood was from a '54-'57 Cub. This was confirmed by the original poster. See page #1. The casting dates all say '50, except for the engine block.

It wouldn't be unfathomable that the tractor fell, or was dropped, or something fell on it, breaking the original block and hood. That kind of situation would explain why the hood and block don't match the date codes on the rest of the tractor. We know what happens to Cubs when they're dropped (i.e. the Ebay thread), and that the engine block is a weak point.

Too bad we can't get a picture of the Cub. The mystery would be easy to solve then. Right now all we have is Rick's untrained perception to rely on... No offense to you Rick; Cubs are new to you, and it's perfectly understandable.

Did you buy it off Ebay? I remember seeing a picture of one recently that had a '54-'57 hood, but '47-'53 stickers.

Thu Jul 29, 2004 7:07 pm


Not to belabor the point, but that hasn't been established. What has been established is that Rick's hood has 3 ridges... unlike the '54 up, which does not. Rick did refer to a picture in the archives of a tractor with a grille similar to his... which was from that later series.

Rick has been doing a good job of gathering information from wherever he has been directed.

Thu Jul 29, 2004 8:04 pm

Matt Kirsch wrote:I guess I got confused.

Earlier in the thread, it was established that the hood was from a '54-'57 Cub. This was confirmed by the original poster.

I think the confusion came in from the "Identifying our Cub" thread that has also been going on this week. That tractor appears to be a '55, with a '54-'58 hood, '61 engine and a screen grill.

Thu Jul 29, 2004 9:10 pm

Now I'm really confused. I've never read the "Identify my cub" thread.

I swear there was a picture on page one of THIS thread showing a 54-58 era cub with Rick confirming that his had that grill. Now he's referenced a picture of a 58-63. ???

Sat Jul 31, 2004 8:10 am

:oops: Oh Boy watch that filler neck. My 64 had the radiator cap bent back and touching the hood. So while I had the hood off drilling out the screw holes that hold the hood on the front casting. I said what the heck but a pipe in the radiator and straitened it out wire weeled it and went to soldere it. :roll: Suprize!!!! When I heated it, on the tank just below the filler neck joint a huge crack appeared when the old solder fell out into the tank :cry: . The tank must of been wacked before and fixed at a shop because there was no way I could fix 1/4 gap two inches long with solder I tried. :idea: JB weld to the rescue till I can buy a new tank. It has held up for two months and I usually get to run her twice a week.

The grill and hood...

Mon Aug 02, 2004 1:24 pm

of my cub do look remarkably similar to the one posted in an earlier thread about the ebay tractor: (1955 model supposedly) ... otohosting
It does have the horizontal grill (four bar) with the three ribs as described in the posting "Identifing our Cub" from cubmaininVA now on the second page of this site. Over the weekend, I looked a little closer at my cub. There has been some welding on both front spindles near where they connect to the front expanding axles themselves. I also found a weld on the rear axle between the left rear tire and fender. Something bad happened to this beautiful machine. None of which anyone is fessing up to. As per Matt's post before, something must have happened to cause a change in engne casting number as well as the grill and hood. However, I'm satisfied with the way she runs right now, and hopefully I can get some maintenance work done on her during the winter months. Ahem, Mr. Murphy. You can go visit with some of the other nice people now. :)

BTW George, that soap you used on that tractor sure is powerful. It took the metal right off the paint!

Rick [/i]