Lesson Learned

Tue Jun 01, 2004 11:10 pm

Well I'm just now getting some time to work on my latest cub. I sandblasted and cleaned out the tank really good, installed new petcock and fuel line to the carb. Only thing missing was a fuel filter, so I go to Wal-Mart and buy the best looking Fram filter on the shelf. Nice big one, sure to catch any crud before in goes into the carb. After installing it, it took the tractor for a spin, only to go about 10 feet before conking out. Good spark, so no fuel. Soooo, I put the old straight cooper fuel line back on and she fired right up. That's when it hits me. There's no fuel pump to push gas throught this "'74 Buick" fuel filter, this is only gravity feed.
DUH :roll: I'll get a smaller one. I can only laught at myself.

Wed Jun 02, 2004 2:37 am

I'm not laughing my cub did the same thing. I bought an inline fliter for CUBBY thinking it would be getting nice clean fuel to the carby only to find the fuel would not run through and she would only run for a couple of minutes before stopping.

Wed Jun 02, 2004 8:56 am

Get one of the inline filters used for small engines. They are designed for gravity flow.