Scores for the week

Wed May 19, 2004 5:08 pm

Flail Mower 2, copperheads 0

Wed May 19, 2004 5:43 pm

You know you can skin them and throw them on the grill. I like a little sauer kraut with mine.

Wed May 19, 2004 6:11 pm

After going through the flail, they looked more like beanie weanies.

Wed May 19, 2004 9:43 pm

Copper-heads!! :shock: Them're poisonous ain't they???

Wed May 19, 2004 10:03 pm

parts man wrote:Copper-heads!! :shock: Them're poisonous ain't they???
Yes they are. They aren't as poisonous as many rattlesnakes, but are very aggressive. Most snakes in this part of the area will move away from a person or noise, but a copperhead will stand it's ground. Of coures, when it takes on a flail mower it's not much of a contest.

Thu May 20, 2004 8:33 am

not to worry PartsMan, the copperheads don't range farther north than New Hampshire. but here in CT, when climbing around rocks, you would be prudent to watch where your hands and feet are placed. copperheads are not very big, but they are ornery.
:idea: if only they were painted construction orange or something so as we could see them. :idea:
i could bring you a couple next month, if you feel left out :lol:

Thu May 20, 2004 9:57 pm

Art, thanks for the offer, but I can live QUITE happily without ever tangling with one of those!! I guess there's worse things than snow! :lol:

Thu May 20, 2004 10:30 pm

Partsman, I might be able to send you one in exchange for the mag clip. :lol:

Fri May 21, 2004 4:51 pm

John *.?-!.* cub owner wrote:Partsman, I might be able to send you one in exchange for the mag clip. :lol:

Only if it's one that already met with the mower John!! :D

Fri May 21, 2004 10:04 pm

Flailed, unskinned copperhead is not as good as the larger skinned filets. The flailed always shrivel up on the grill and get too crispy unless you keep a real slow fire.

Also alot depends on the flailing technique. I'm fairly sure John has flailed a few Farmington filets before so these might be ok.

Always boil the filets at least 5 minutes before grilling.

Sat May 22, 2004 6:25 am


Have never met up with a copperhead, but have come realllll close to water moccassin's back home in Northern Ontario. At the Frederick House Dam where my Grand-Dad was the dam keeper, water moccassin's were quite a common site and many a swimmer had unexpected company. As long as you didn't start flailing around they usually left after a bit -- calm and cool and collected was the buzz word around mocc's :shock: :roll: Never tried to BBQ one though!