C-3 Mower - Spindle Question

Mon May 10, 2004 9:47 pm

Thanks to all who helped me to rebuild the right side spindle with new bearings, bushings and seals. I installed the rebuilt spindle today and it seemed to run OK. Can anyone explain how the large nut and the notched lock washer are supposed to work? When I took the spindle apart, the washer was peened over at a couple of places against the nut. I assumed it was to lock the nut in place. So, when I assembled the rebuilt spindle, I tightened the nut, snugged it up and peened over two of the "ears"against the nut. However, when I mowed through some heavy weeds, the nut came loose. I could hear the spindle making some noise. I stopped the Cub, used water pump pliers to tightened the nut again. What am I missing here? Shouldn't I be able to lock the nut in place? And, how tight or snug should the nut be drawn down? Thanks in advance for your patience. Oh, one more thing. when I pumped some grease through the zerk fitting, I noticed the grease coming out on TOP of the seal. Did I press the seal down too far in the spindle? Or is the spindle just packed with the new grease and what I am seeing is an overload of grease??

Tue May 11, 2004 6:27 am

the washer should have a lip on it that fits in the slot in the shaft to keep it from spinning and then the washer gets peened over to stop the nut from spinning. That nut is used to load the bearings. To tight the bearings will wear fast and wont turn. to loose and you have problems lots of slop. you want to snug it up but keep spining the spindle till you get it so it spins smooth. you will know if it is to tight and you don't want it loose so there is slop.
so don't over tighten the nut or you will be putting new bearings in it again real soon. as for grease coming out of the seals its full don't add more.
you should have a little hole in the side of the spindle casing somewhere that might be plugged. when my spindles are full the grease will come out the hole rather than out the seals but at any rate your ok.
good luck and I hope you didn't over tighten your top nut the first time around.

C-3 Mower Spindle Reply

Tue May 11, 2004 1:43 pm

Chad, Thanks very much for your help. Duh, I knew that something was wrong with the star washer because the nut and washer kept turning. The inside tab on the washer is gone! Many thanks for the bearing info and the grease/zerk fitting question too. You guys are a real resource. Much appreciated, Mike

Tue May 11, 2004 2:15 pm

no problem!