Cubbie is alive

Wed May 05, 2004 9:49 am

Thanks to everyone for the advice on getting my engine unstuck. I finally got Cubbie's (as my wife calls him) engine back together yesterday. I hooked up a small lawnmower gas tank, checked the timing, made sure I had spark and pulled the starter handle. He sputtered a little but no go, so I pulled the carb and cleaned the needle valves and tried again. He fired up on the second pull of the handle. What a great sound, we all jumped for joy like children on the last day of school.

There is much work still to be done, but thought you guys might want to share in this little victory.

Thanks again to everyone,

Bobby W
Shreveport LA

Wed May 05, 2004 9:58 am

Congratulations Bobby! It's a great sound isn't it?

Wed May 05, 2004 8:39 pm

:wink: Congrats--------------Isn't it a great feeling'''''''''' :shock: "Jack"

Wed May 05, 2004 10:37 pm

I know just the feeling.. After having my cub sitting in pieces for three years I got the guts to put it back together this spring.. I had never heard it run before, and hearing that thing crack right after I hit the starter the first time was something else... It really purred nice, and it was also quite rewarding the oil pressure rise up - like good blood pressure or something. My family was standing there watching when I first fired it up, and I was more suprised then anyone when that thing finally ran. Gonna work on it some more this weekend, and just cruise around on it - get to know it a little better.

Peter Reynolds