International C-3 Mower Spindle Froze up

Wed Apr 28, 2004 7:12 pm

I have an International C-3, 60" 3 blade mowing deck (similar to a Woods Mower) on my 1947 Cub. The right side spindle has been noisy for some time. Today it locked up tight. I am pretty sure I need to replace the bearings. How do I get the spindle off the deck? Do I have to remove the pulley? If so, how? I tried a 3 prong puller and it wouldn't budge. The shaft is keyed. It has a large nut above the deck with a serated lock type washer. I can turn the nut both ways, but not all the way off. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I really need to mow about 4 acres of lawn and right now! Wife is complaining. Thanks,


Thu Apr 29, 2004 2:15 pm

If my memory serves me correctly, there should be 3 bolts in the pulley that hold it on a split collar. There should also be three empty holes as well. Unscrew those bolts and screw them into the other holes and this forces the pulley off. The collar is held on by a bolt thru the split.

One of the pulley's may appear in have been installed upside down, in other words, the 3 bolts are facing the deck. This makes that pulley line up with the center drive pulley. BTW, IH calls these pulleys 'sheaves'.

While you're fooling with one, check the condition of the others. Trouble comes in sets of 3.

Here's a link to the C-3 Manual:

C-3 Mower Deck Froze up Pulley

Sat May 01, 2004 2:06 pm

Yes, there are three bolts in the pulley. Thanks for the info. I will give it a try.


Wed May 05, 2004 7:22 am

Hey Mike,

Try Kroil or equiv. on that sheave for a day or so before ya go hammerin on it. Most likely it's stuck good too. Be careful not to ding up the shaft too. Don't use a screwdriver to pry the split collar apart- it's cast and will break. Likewise for the pulley part of it too...if you need to rap on it to persuade it to separate, use a soft hammer-no steel. The two parts use a wedge type system to draw tight around the shaft. I ran a bottoming tap down the other holes to clean the decades of gunk out of there and used high grade new bolts to separate mine. Once I got the sheaves off, I took the large nut off and pressed the shaft out of the housing. Had to use a dremel tool with cutoff type wheel to cut thru most of the race and then split with chisel..carefully! The part #'s given look good. I used the Timkens too and CR seals. Don't forget to get new "star" washers too. IH has em and they're cheap. Top it all off with new grease fittings too. Oh, and the real deal blades are still available at IH also. Soon your deck will be purring like a cat like mine is !