Just broke my idler gear

Sat Apr 17, 2004 7:28 pm

Well when I was installing the idler gear it looked like it was in deeper than the rest of the gears but I torqued it down anyway. After I was done it wouldn't turn so I finally figured it was on backwards. The worst of it is that I cracked it as a result. Does anyone have an extra one thay would like to sell? If not what my best bet. I'm in CA and would like to have one by next weekend.

Sat Apr 17, 2004 7:56 pm

Hi Steve
I have never even seen one, but been reading the forum for 3 years. jptractorsalvage.com or tmtractor.com or it might be tmtractorparts.com. All great people. Should have one. Paul K. in N.H.

Sat Apr 17, 2004 8:56 pm


Try this link but you better hurry only 1 left.


Sat Apr 17, 2004 9:41 pm


I can send you my spare, but I don't know how fast priority mail can get it there.

Sun Apr 18, 2004 10:32 am

Thanks for all the parts references everyone. I've decided to pick this peice up from George.