gas tank sealer

Thu Apr 15, 2004 2:20 pm

does anyone have info. on gas tank sealer?I know I've seen info. on this forum before,but I haven't had any luck in the archives.I seem to remember mention of a sealer that will seal over the surface left after the tank has been cleaned.Any info.on product and source will be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance,Jim

Thu Apr 15, 2004 2:44 pm

P.O.R 15 - here's a link to their website.

Or, you might try a motorcycle repair shop for tank sealer.

Thu Apr 15, 2004 3:18 pm

Hey Brockway

You might want to take a look at this sight. I have used the KREEM product before and it works really well. Buy the combo pak if you decide to use the KREEM system.

Thu Apr 15, 2004 9:04 pm

I use a product that is for sealing gas tanks called Red Seal Napa probably has it or if you have a real parts house nearby you can check with them.


gas tank sealer

Fri Apr 16, 2004 8:47 am

Thanks for the info guys.Ralph,if you use the red seal that you mentioned,what is the cleaning process?

Fri Apr 16, 2004 5:49 pm

Basically the same as the other guys use first get all the gas out flush it with water anytime you are messing with a gas tank.
Then when it is cleaned to suit you they say to rinse it with M.E.K. methyl ethyl ketone ( Lacquer thinner) .
I do all my tanks with the red seal .