Hooking up 3pt equipment W/O a 3pt hitch?

Mon Apr 12, 2004 8:17 am

Has anyone made up a hook up for a 3pt piece of equipment to be used on a cub without a 3pt hitch?
I want to hook up a landscape rake to my 49er but I don't want to spend $500 to do it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

3 pt hitch

Mon Apr 12, 2004 2:55 pm

I haven't tried this yet, but an Old Timer told me that he use to mount/weld a heavy hinge on the end of his implement where it hooks to the drawbar. He would then run a chain from his rear rockerarm and hook to the implement so that when you raise the hydralics, the implement would raise. :lol: :lol: It sounds like it will work to me. I don't see why you couldn't rig up something similar for 3 pt equipment. :?:

Mon Apr 12, 2004 3:03 pm

Drawbar height becomes a real factor when you hook like that. Some implements might not work well. A landscape or York rake should work OK though. I would think that if you fabricate a cradle for the lower pins to set in, you could run a chain from the rear rockshaft arm to somewhere on the implement to lift it. I remember seeing pictures posted by someone on the board who has done this.

Mon Apr 12, 2004 6:56 pm


Do a search on "NEW CUBBER" and see the picture I posted of my rake set-up. The turnbuckle has since been replaced with a solid 2" square stock or a chain for lifting purposes. I use the steel when I want to apply downward pressure and the chain when it's not necessary.
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Mon Apr 12, 2004 7:40 pm

Before I had a real Cub blade, I once mid-mounted a light 3 point blade on a Cub. I attached it to a reversed drawbar and lifted it with a chain to the front rockshaft. The hitch part of the blade's frame was big enough that the blade had to be hitched relatively low. It worked OK but it meant that angling the blade also had the effect of tilting it.

The same could happen if you rear mount one. Try to attach the blade at a height that when the blade is touching the ground, the pivot is vertical.

Tue Apr 13, 2004 11:06 am

Hi Steve

Look at the picture that rocketman posted on "NEW CUBBER". This post was moved from the "Farmall Cub" heading to the "Message Board Questions" heading in the Farmall Cub Forum Index.

This is a beautifiul landscape rake setup. Maybe we can get rocketman to give us both more details on fabrication.

If you can't find it, either rocketman or mysef will repost the picture.


Tue Apr 13, 2004 8:12 pm

Ok. That does it. Three requests for the dimensions of my hook-up. I have measured the hitch (last week). Next, I want to take digital photos of each angle to correspond with the measurements. I'll compile the text and photos in Word and PDF it. Does that work for you?

So far, I owe the following folks this info:

Rudi (of course. He's been waiting since last summer)
mltiema (Thanks for the kind words)
Steve (I assume)

Anyone else can send me an email or private message if they would like it.


Tue Apr 13, 2004 10:07 pm

Thank you rocketman.

I will build one just like it, but probably not until next winter so no rush from me. I would also like to copy the same landscape rake that you are using so if you have time to drop me a note on the rake details I would appreciate it.

You are a "cub star", and what a great forum this is :!:


Wed Apr 14, 2004 7:01 am

You guys are the best. (and I mean that in a manly way)Yes definetly post some more pictures and dimensions when you can that would be great.
We have all the materials and service guys who can weld here at work.
I have not had a question yet on this site that hasn't been answered.
Someday I'll be able to give the answers instead of asking :)
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Wed Apr 14, 2004 7:57 am

My lanscape rake is a Worksaver 5', category 1 landscape rake. I did a rough set of drawings for it. The dimensions can be viewed on Rudi's site at John's Landscape Rake