Who's Working With Their Cub?

Tue Mar 23, 2004 9:41 pm

This is just to help me know more about the members and their Cubs.
Please let me know:

1. My cub is a working tractor...( about how many hour per year do you log).

2. My Cub is a hobby/show/parade tractor.

Thanks :{_}:


Wed Mar 24, 2004 6:42 am

Mike, My Cub is a working tractor. I just bought it in December, so I haven't put that many hours on it yet. I plan to mow my 3 acres with it. I have been trying to get it in good running order through the help of the good members of Cub Forum. So far I have received some very good info and suggestions. Bob Hawley :)

Wed Mar 24, 2004 7:08 am

Hi Mike, My cub Mollie is currently disassembled, but will be a working cub. I plan on mowing 2 large yards and working a small garden. I hope to get her painted and together before summer. Mike, aka, Basketcase

Wed Mar 24, 2004 7:09 am

My Cub is a working tractor. It has the C-2 mower that I use to cut around the tight places on my little farm as well as pull the farm trailer. I probably put 50 hours per year on the tractor.

Wed Mar 24, 2004 8:19 am

I suppose my cub could be considered a hobby cub now. It has never been in a parade, or been to a show. Probably don't use it more then 10 to 15 hours a year pushing snow, gravel, hauling the grandkids, just taking a joy ride, etc. We grew older together, and I well remember when it was a working cub. I am retired, but not restored, and the cub pretty well fits into the same catagory. I might even admit to be a little in love with the cub, as any time spent tinkering with, operating, or just sitting in the garage looking at it and admiring it for what it is, I consider quality time for me. It's name;------ we have known each other since I was 8 years old and with other tractors around the place in the early years, the cub was always just called "THE CUB" .I see no reason and it probably wouldn't understand a name change today.

Wed Mar 24, 2004 9:21 am

My '48 is a working cub. I've had it to mow about 4 AC and do general chores on the other 10 AC for the last 12 years. It's been a faithfull machine with little or no problems.

I would have worn out at least 5 other lawn tractors by now - I got my Cub at an auction for $500 with a new Woods 42" rotary deck and a front blade. I didn't know it at the time; but, it was the deal of the century.

Wed Mar 24, 2004 10:06 am

My '47 Cub is a working Tractor. This will be my first complete season mowing with it on our 3 acres. We did go to Cubarama last year and it was a great experience. I learn more about it every week from this source. I would like to upgrade it to a 60" mower at some time. It is easy to work on and I enjoy the time I spend tinkering with it.

Wed Mar 24, 2004 10:35 am

My 48 cub is a working cub cutting 4-5 acres weekly for the past 6 years I am on the tractor about 3 hours a week mowing grass and use to use it for snow till I picked up another 56 working cub. I use the 56 for the fast hitch equipment I have. I also use it to plant and work up 5 acres next to my new house. I also started using it with the 1-point back blade to work on my landscaping lots to do there. I plan on doing a working restoration on the cubs like our other old farmalls I got from my grandpas farm. I want to make them look as good as possible when time permits but remembering that they will be worked.

Wed Mar 24, 2004 11:06 am

My cub is a working Cub Year-Round. Used in the garden in the summer. In the winter for hauling firewood on the trailer from the woods. Probably 2 to 3 hours a week year round.

Wed Mar 24, 2004 2:13 pm

Hi My 49 is a working tractor . It takes care of 4 acres. It discs. Harrows and cultivates. I will try to keep tarck this year but I bet I put over 200hrs a year. Best little cultivation tractor ever made

Wed Mar 24, 2004 7:21 pm

I have 3 cubs. The 49 pulls a trailer in the summer and plows the drive in the winter. The 65 has a IH1000 loader use it all year. The 51 is totally redone I take it out for a drive once in a while. Unfortunately we only have 1 acre left, so not much to do with them. I just can't get rid of any. Once you get bit your hooked. :D :D

Wed Mar 24, 2004 7:32 pm

I've owned a 48 for a little over 15 years, that mows 2+ acres, plows and disks gardens, grades and pushes snow on about 1 mile of gravel road, as well as pulling a trailer, etc. Later this summer I will have a 49 (Thanks to the Cub Rescue Rangers), that will take over the mowing dutes as well as going to an occasioanl local show. Maybe then my 48 can get some rest, as well as some long postponed maintenance.

Wed Mar 24, 2004 7:55 pm

I have a 49 cub that I keep cultivators on to work a small garden. It sure makes having a garden more fun. I also have my dad's 67 yellow cub here. He bought it , then left it here for me to play with. I use it for mowing and have put a disk plow on it for turning the garden. I use my toys around 10 hours a month.


Wed Mar 24, 2004 8:58 pm

I never even knew what a Cub was until I won mine on a $5 dallor ticket 2 years ago. Boy did I fall in love! I use it for plowing my very long driveway and a few shows and 4th of July parades. We went to Cub-A-Rama last year without it but I think it will be with us this year. I have picked up two front-bell blades,193 plow, a belly plow and a danco mower should be here soon. This forum is a must for all Cub owners you masters are great!!!! CHUCK

Wed Mar 24, 2004 10:04 pm

My '48 serves two main purposes. First, it's used for snow on my driveway and my elderly neighbors'. Second, it was my (now 7 year old) daughter's first go-kart when her brother had a go-kart and she was too young to have one of her own.

Last year, I added a landscape rake to grade my tilled yard for sod.

It will probably be sold in the near future to make room for other toys as my job continues to steal play time for restoration and maintenence of antiques.

It will be a tough departure as it has sentimental value along with utility.