Pain in the @ss

Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:50 pm

After putting my '49 cub back together after the rebuild the damn thing wouldn't start. No matter how many times I played with the wires and the distributor it still wouldn't fire up. The only thing I'm getting is a few hits after spraying some starting fluid. It has fresh gas and spark. What did I do wrong, someone please help. I gotta get her ready for snow plowing.
-Eric :x

Sun Dec 28, 2003 9:02 pm

Go to the home page of this site and read thru H.L. Chauvin's notes on what to do when the tractor won't start. You need to check for the presence of fuel, spark, compression and proper timing. You need these things for the engine to run. If you just rebuilt the engine, compression should be there. You say you have spark. So it should be either fuel delivery or timing. Patience and logical elimination of problems is the solution here. Timing and proper plug wire location would be high on my list of suspicions