Wed Mar 29, 2006 10:35 pm

Rudi wrote:Jim Beckers is another small tank version that is simple to construct out of common materials found in an average home garage/workshop.

That tank was just for demonstration purposes. I set it up and explained it at a club meeting one day. I have actually done pieces as big as a cutter bar.

Mon Apr 03, 2006 11:40 pm

I just fired up a smaller (5 gal) tank and an even smaller one for some small parts after having left my 20 gallon one idle for a time.

I mentioned the process to a friend the weekend I was at Cecil's NE CubFest and he said he had a gun barrel that was in a fire..... after some discussion he decided that a wallpaper tray would be the best tank for the project. He welded some big spike nails together and 12 hours later .... the barrel looked like new! No one could believe it!

A little thought and you really can come up with great ways to solve the 'rust' problem. (Rubermaid trash can.....)

I use a wire brush on the rebar (anode) after a day, and when they get really corroded I take the bench grinder out in the yard and clean a bunch of em up with the wire wheel.

Got a brake pedal and a brake spring in the two tanks now.... but have a fan shroud and a mesh grill to do soon.

Be sure to either oil or prime the parts fairly quickly as they will flash rust .