Cub's, Hydraulics and Memories of my Dad.

Here is my remembering of something from the past about a Cub that we had. I thought of it after reading about someone building a hitch, I think, and writing that on the website.

My Dad liked to build things too. When I was about 12 - 16 we had a 1949 Cub. It was 20 years old when we got it, and it looked worse than many of the 1949's I see on here nowadays. Western Wa. is somewhat of a rainy climate, and it had gotten quite a bit of rust.

We rebuilt it and restored it pretty well, it looked pretty good again, worked pretty good too, I used to mow with it, and the Cub 22 mower it had.

It had a manual lift, so my Dad made a hydraulic lift for it. It was very compact and fit in the space for the Touch Control. The base had a tank for fluid, which would have been about 1/4 the total height of the space under the hood, the same length as a Touch Control. Then on top of that he mounted a small cylinder, with a few inches of travel. There were several little short hoses, I remember, and a little control valve, by the dash base, then the lever was in the same place as a Touch Control has it, but it had a short travel, working a hydraulic valve.

He used the manual lift front rockshaft, and mounted it on his base. So he had to make all the things to mount it in place, and work it up and down, like a Touch Control has.

He got a pump somewhere, I don't remember where. He had to make an adapter to fit into the hole in the engine, and be spaced right, so it would work.

When he was done, it worked pretty good, but the pump was really noisy. So after a while we got a new IH pump for a Cub and put on. That was really quiet compared to before.

After we bought the Cub I have, in 1972, his friend wanted to buy the 1949 Cub. The hydraulic he made worked good, but since he was selling it to his friend, I think maybe he thought the friend wouldn't know how to fix it if it needed repair. So Dad decided to buy a new IH Touch Control kit for the Cub. They still had them then, it came with everything needed to put Touch Control on a Cub.

So he took off the system he made, and took it apart, and most of the parts are gone, I think there might be a few pieces of it in the garage still.

I don't think I have a picture of his hydraulic system, wish I had taken some. My Dad passed away some years ago. He made other hydraulic systems too on other tractors. Hope this is interesting to you.

Have a good day,
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