*.?-!.* Cub Owners

By John Puckett

In a Galaxy long ago and and far away ...oops wrong story.

Before Spencer had setup the multiple mailing lists and bulletin boards, and Dennis had set up Farmallcub.com all the tractor fans shared a single mailing list on ATIS. There were only a few Farmall people on then, and having been raised on H tractors, and having bought an old cub and rebuilt it from the ground up I would contribute from time to time when someone had a question I could answer. There had been several questions about cubs over several days, when someone (I won't mention what brand tractor he liked, but they are green) asked when we were going to quit talking about cubs and get back to real tractors. I never take anyone seriously, myself included, so I started using my current signature ( John, another one of them *.?-!.* cub owners) to poke a little fun. Everyone got such a kick out of it, that I got some caps made up with it on them. They turned out to be such a hit that I get a few made up every now and then when I can afford it and pass them out. I really get a kick out of going someplace and running into someone wearing one. My signature used to be "1948 model cub, 1948 model owner, not all parts are original on either one."

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