Every tractor has a story

The preservation of old agricultural machinery keeps our heritage alive, says Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society curator John Burnett.

The club was started in 1965 and now has about 200 old tractors on display at Brayshaw Park, Blenheim. One of them, a 1954 McCormick Farmall tractor, was restored last month and is looking brand new.

The job took 130 hours, says Spring Creek engineer Trevor Collins, and he did it for free. He is semi-retired and wanted to thank the club for loaning him old machinery parts to replicate other restorations.

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Tractor collection pulls in visitors as part of annual Country Holiday Home Tour

PATASKALA -- West Licking Historical Society's annual Country Holiday Home Tour always offers a nod to the past, thanks to the inclusion of historic buildings and homes.

This year's event is no different, save for the fact an antique tractor collection -- and not a venerable facade -- will stand front and center at one of the eight stops.

Local farmer Howard Emswiler, 72, owns more than 50 antique tractors. The list includes everything from old John Deeres to restored vintage models from Allis-Chalmers, Ford and Silver King.

Tuscaloosa County man gives antique tractors a second life

Tuscaloosa County man gives antique tractors a second life
By Robert DeWitt

Perhaps it all started because Henry Harless never got a chance to till the soil like his grandfather.
“I always liked tractors,” Harless said as he relaxed in the orderly shop area behind his home in northwest Tuscaloosa County. “I guess I always wanted to farm and never got the opportunity.”

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