Old tractors, like the Farmall C, are one of the most dangerous items on farms

July 29, 2011
Tractor flips killed 62 in Pa. in past decade
By Rick Dandes
The Daily Item

MIFFLINBURG — The tractor that flipped and killed Elmer I. Faust on Wednesday evening was an old Farmall C model with a tricycle front end, and “those can be dangerous,” said Jerry Hoover, of Hoover Tractor, Mifflinburg, which sells farm equipment.

Faust, a 71-year-old Rush Township resident, died when the tractor he was driving along a logging road hit a tree stump, rolled and pinned him underneath.

Rollovers, Hoover said, are particularly prevalent in older-model tractors.

Older model tractors have large rear wheels, and in a narrow front end, two small tires that almost seem to be touching, Hoover said, a design intended for traction. When the operator encounters hillsides or rough terrain, the tractors can cause accidents.

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we had an old Farmall 144 - too easy to tip and it would would pull a wheelie when the Mott mowers were on the back and the clutch had been re-done. Sold it, got a nice 4wd Ford New Holland that hugs the ground and never even feels like it would roll (and it has a roll bar!)

Farmall Cub Tractor Form