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Click & Clack Talk Cars: What's making old tractor stall?

Dear Tom and Ray: Do you ever address questions about old farm tractors? Our 1945 Farmall-A starts well and runs well for about 10-20 minutes, but then it starts to miss and then stalls out, typically while going up a slope — even a small one. Along with our local mechanic, we checked out the carburetor (the original Schebler), the fuel lines, put in new plugs and added B-12 Chemtool and STP Lead Substitute additives to the gasoline. The problem will not go away, and we really need this little old tractor to mow our fields and haul logs. Any suggestions? We have a new Zenith-type carburetor on the shelf, but I don't want to put that in unless that's the problem for sure. I will be grateful for any words of wisdom on this. Thanks. — Will

Ray: Well, we definitely can help you narrow it down to one of two things, Will. It's either an ignition problem or a carburetor problem. How did we come to that conclusion? That's about all there is to this engine!

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