Canton TX Cubfest Coming Soon (April 6, 7)

Canton TX Cubfest Coming Soon (April 6, 7)

Now less than 4 weeks away. The show is Friday 4/6 and Saturday 4/7. Things can be brought in on Thursday. They don't have to be removed until Sunday although most everything will probably be cleared out on Saturday (Sunday is Easter).

This event will be on the grounds of the Canton First Monday Trade days. Canton is on I-20 about 60 miles east of Dallas and about 130 west of Shreveport, LA. This is exit 527 off I-20. Since this will be on-site with a tractor show and we won't have a shop like most Cubfests, it is likely to be more like a show than a fest. We discussed it at our state chapter meeting last weekend. The main angle we discussed was to simply get as many Cubs and as much variety of mounted equipment on display as we can. If you have a pile of parts that you think is an implement, bring it and we'll sort it out. We will probably discuss the possibility of scheduling another (more typical) Cubfest later on (we have a possible location).

We have a lot of space, so Cub Cadets are welcome too. We should have Cub Cadet space adjacent to the space reserved for the Cubs. The whole thing will be next to the IHCC Chapter area.

There is more information in an older post.
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