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320 Acres, a Mule, a Farmall Cub… and a little dynamite.

By Dennis L. Raney

World War II had just ended and our noble veterans were returning home, finally. My Navy veteran grandfather, Jefferson L. Raney, wanted to settle down in the area where he was raised; Mt. Sherman, Arkansas or as many people back in the day, used to refer to it as Raney Mountain. It is located in northwest Arkansas, just south of Jasper. Great grand parents, Harvey and Alice Raney, homesteaded and raised a family of thirteen children in a beautiful hand build two story home on the side of the old rugged mountain.

For $1.00 per acre, Jefferson purchased 320 acres of prime mountain top. The stipulation of homesteading was that you must live and develop the land for five years and it’s yours 100%. Since it was total wilderness (trees and rocks), he would spend half of the year working in Kansas City (mainly for the railroads) and the other half living and working on the homestead; that satisfied the requirement for maintaining a residence on the property.

The first thing he built was two small one room cabins and a barn. Sadly, the cabins burned down many years later in a lightning strike; but by that time, they were used mainly for storage. Although, my brother and I did spend many a night sleeping in one of them when we would have family visits in the 1950’s. It was both cool and creepy since we had to walk a long dark path to the cabin each night at bedtime with dimly lit flashlight.

Once he established his cabins, the next chore was to start clearing a large 40 acre field for hay. This would provide grass for a few milk cows. The excess milk and cream could be sold or traded along with the butter from churning the cream. He would keep a few chickens for eggs, several goats for milk and their excellent brush eating abilities, and as many hogs as he could maintain for meat and later to sell at the auction.

Could’ve had a V8! Tractor restoration brings back an old friend

Could’ve had a V8! Tractor restoration brings back an old friend


Farmall fan from head to prosthetic feet

A disheartening situation that could put a damper on someone’s hobbies has done quite the opposite for one Forest City man, who as a member of a tractor club likes to attend shows like Pontiac’s Threshermen’s Reunion.
Jerry Tibbs, who has been part of the Chapter 10 club of the International Harvesters Collectors of Central Illinois since 1996, has proof of his steadfast fondness of the Farmall brand.

JP’s Midwest CUB-ARAMA is on its way

In just four weeks JP’s Midwest Cub-Arama will be celebrating its twelfth show. The Cub-arama has been going strong for over a full decade! The two full show dates for this year are Sept. 27 and 28, however, folks from around the country will start rolling into town as early as Wednesday the week of the show to check out local sites.

Cub-Arama has grown bigger and better with every show and this year will be no exception.

Paquette's Historical Farmall Museum in Leesburg chock full of restored tractors

LEESBURG — Paquette's Historical Farmall Museum is a Lake County original.

So unique, in fact, that it's featured on RoadsideAmerica.com, an online guide to offbeat attractions. On the site it's described as "an impressive, completely-out-of-nowhere private collection of Farmall Tractors and International Harvester machinery" displayed in a couple of warehouses "in the middle of Florida farm country."

Favorite place to purchase Cub/Cadets, parts and implements?

JP Tractors
5% (2 votes)
TM Tractor Parts
32% (12 votes)
11% (4 votes)
FarmallCub.com Classifieds (for sale ads)
32% (12 votes)
8% (3 votes)
13% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 38

Golden Harvest Days at Esbenshade Farm (North Texas)

Denison -- Massey-Harris, Minneapolis-Moline, Allis-Chalmers, Turbo Farmall, Fordson, Ford and a herd of John Deere.

As the lengthy tractorcade passed through historic downtown Denison, the names rolling by were same ones who toiled in the fields of the Red River Valley in years past and a literal who's who of the leading agricultural manufacturers during the 1900s.

For residents of North Texas and southern Oklahoma who grew up on working farms that dotted the fertile landscape of the Red River Valley, this is their heritage.

Where is the best place to get answers to your Farmall Cub questions?

The FarmallCub.Com Forum
79% (22 votes)
Google/Bing Internet search
4% (1 vote)
Local IH Dealer
7% (2 votes)
A friend or relative
0% (0 votes)
Another website
11% (3 votes)
Total votes: 28

The reds and the greens will combine at annual tractor event

The reds and the greens will combine at annual tractor event

In the world of vintage tractor collectors, you're either faithful to the red, or your fidelity bleeds green.

Red is the signature color of the International Harvester tractor, green the unmistakable calling card of the John Deere tractor.

"Us tractor guys, we have a kind of thing – like Ford and Chevy people have," said tractor enthusiast Bill Son, 74. "Me? I'm a Farmall guy."


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